Use the Manual Key to open the manual latch on the gate opener at the bottom then the gate can be opened/closed by hand.

100ft(30m) in an open wide area but in near or close space it will be less than usual.

The device can attach up to 30 different remotes/wireless button panels.

IR Safety sensors will detect the presence of an object or a person. If the gate was moving before the obstacle then the gate will stop immediately.
But if there is an obstacle when the gate is stationary then any signal received while there is an obstacle will do nothing. The Gate will repond to the signal when there is no obstacle in the path.

Some of the safety/security features of sliding gate opener are as follows:
1. Obstacle detection using IR Sensors
2. Over Run time Detection
3. Emergency release key for manual operation
4. Limit Switch Correction system
5. Secure Rolling Code Encryption

You can find further details in the user manual.

Use the user manual provided for detailed information. But usually by pressing the button of the circuit for readRemote and then pressing the button on the remote.
You will see a light blink signalling that the remote configuration process is done.

Yes the gate openers can be attached to solar or UPS systems as the gate opener doesn’t consume much power to operate but it is recommended to check the power usage and power availability beforehand.

If the warranty is over and the gate opener is not working then the owner should contact techmech customer service and ask for repair. Techmech provides lifetime repair services for its products.